How to make the perfect cappucino

How to make the perfect cappucino

One of our favourite things to do here at Wedgewood Head Office is make delicious cappuccino’s… Blessed with a state of the art coffee making machine in the office, there is nothing better than a quick catch-up over the coffee bar with a yummy cuppa (and of course some Angels biscuits too!). Here is our quick DIY guide on making the perfect frothed milk for your cappuccino:

** Important facts to consider – the flavour & success of your cappuccino will be determined by the quality of your coffee beans as well as the temperature and texture of your milk. These steps are just steps to froth the milk – the espresso part has presumably been done already.

  1. Pour as much cold milk as you need in to your silver jug, considering that once the milk has frothed your milk will double in volume
  2. Turn the steam wind on quickly over the grid to remove any excess water stuck in the steam wand
  3. Place the tip of the steam wand in to the milk (just the tip!) and turn the steam wand on fully

steam wand

4. Move the tip of the wand around the surface of the milk to create the foam, it should sound like a piece of paper tearing in half. If you do not hear this noise, your wand is probably too deep

5. Once the froth has appeared on the top of the milk, submerge the wand slightly deeper to create a whirlwind effect. Keep one hand underneath the jug and once the jug is too hot to hold, your milk is ready

6. Remove your jug and purge your wand once again, wiping it down with some cool water

7. Grab another jug and slowly pour the milk between the two jugs, dislodging any bubbles or pockets of air

8. Do not leave the milk for too long as it will begin to separate – gently pour the milk in to the coffee cup moving the milk gently back and forth to create a shape if you desire

cappucino pouring

This will take a lot of practice to perfect the perfect cappucino milk technique… but practice makes perfect!!

Best served with scrumptious Angels Nougat Biscuits 🙂

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