How to test for quality products

How to test for quality products

The shops are filled with aisles and aisles of confectionery products in every shape and every flavour, but how do you tell high quality products from the not-so-high quality products? Here are our tips to distinguishing exceptional quality in confectionery products:

Is the product visually on display?

At a glance, you can judge if a product is high quality if you can visually see the product through the packaging and it LOOKS good. No one likes to arrive home to chocolate that has bloomed or a product that has reached its shelf life!

Check the sell-by date

Obviously, it is better to buy products that have been made more recently as they will be more fresh. Also, products that have an extremely long shelf-life are more likely to be dosed with preservatives and other unnatural ingredients.


As we all know, you pay for more for better quality. Higher prices mean that raw materials used in the product are of superior quality and are not synthetically made.

Can you pronounce the ingredients?

If you handed the list of ingredients to a 5 year old and they cannot pronounce an ingredient then it should not be consumed. An ingredient list of a high quality product should contain ingredients that we all know and recognize. Also, check the order of ingredients in the list (i.e. ingredients are always listed in descending order of inclusion) and make your judgement from there!

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